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It Pays To Advertise - (TOP8)

It Pays To Advertise CD

A fascinating Selection of advertising discs from the early 20th century

Music Hall CDs

Ernest Hastings (CDR72)

Ernest Hastings CD

Ernest Hastings - The refined Hunorist with witty and amusing songs from his 1920 recordings.

Fragson - Ladies Beware (CDR71)

Music Hall Tit-Bits CD

Popular entertainer of the early 1900's, he was as famous in France as he was in England

Vesta Tilley - (CDR70)

Vesta Tilley -  CD

Vesta Tilley was the greatest male imersonator of the Music Hall, now with a CD devoted entirely to her songs.

New Variety Series

The Variety Series of CDs feature recordings made after the introduction of electrical recording in 1925. Although "classic" Music Hall had ended by this time, many fine artists appeared in Variety theatres throughout the Country, and made some excellent recordings.

Flotsam and Jetsam - Two Different Men - (VAR93)

Flotsam and Jetsam - Two Different Men

A second CD of tracks from the ever popular Flotsam and Jetsam. This includes tracks from their repertoire which were only ever recorded by Jetsam on his own.

Betty Bolton - My Private Affair (VAR92)

Betty Bolton

Comedy, Dance Bands, Torch Songs. All from Betty Bolton

Troise and His Mandoliers - Nights of Gladness - (VAR91)

Troise and His Mandoliers - Nights of Gladness

This Band was popular on the Halls throughout the 1930s, and continued performing right up until the 1970s

Further CDs are in preparation.

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