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Siffleurs' Souffle - (CDR76)

Siffleurs' Souffle  -  CD

Now a lost art, professional whistlers made their careers during the 19th and early 20th century. This CD brings together artists from the early years of the 20th century whose talent in this filed could not be bettered.

Clarice Mayne - Give Me A Little Cosy Corner (CDR75)

Clarice Mayne CD

Clarice Mayne - Give Me A Little Cosy Corner - Delightful songs from the popular pantomime star of the early 20th century.

Fred Barnes and J W Rickaby (CDR74)

Fred Barnes and J W Rickaby CD

Songs from two very different performers. Fred Barnes described as "The Prince of Light Comics" and J W Rickaby "The Big Dry Comedian"

New Variety Series

The Variety Series of CDs feature recordings made after the introduction of electrical recording in 1925. Although "classic" Music Hall had ended by this time, many fine artists appeared in Variety theatres throughout the Country, and made some excellent recordings.

Jack Buchanan - Man About Town CD - (VAR96)

Jack Buchanan - Man About Town CD

Jack Buchanan was noted for his urbane manner and the embodiment of the debonair man-about-town. His songs and delivery reflect his personality.

Jack Hulbert - The Flies Crawled Up THe Window (VAR95)

Jack Hulbert

Popular Songs from this top performer. The title song was recorded in the South of France, after the film in which it appeared became popular and HMV didn't want to miss out.

Further CDs are in preparation.

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