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Beth Tate
Everybody Twostep (CDR85)

Beth Tate arrived in England from America in early 1911. By the end of the year, billed as The Callifornian Girl, she was making her first recordings. Her sweet, slightly risque songs coupled with her clear diction and direct style make these recordings very accessible to the modern listener.

Track Listing

Take a look at Me now
It must be Someone I love
Don't You wish that You were Rosie?
All alone
You'll do the Same Thing over again
That will never do for Me
Take a Little Bit off
Put your Arms around Me Honey
Innocent Bessie Brown
Kiss Me, my Honey, Kiss Me
I think You'd better Marry Me
After the Honeymoon
And I married Him
In the Land of Harmony
Everybody Two Step
You made Me love You
Is there anything doing in the Loving Line
What happened in the Summertime
Sorry Goodnight
At Half-Past
He'd have to answer the Bell
What did Romeo say to Juliet?

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Take a Little Bit Off

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