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Teasing Tongue Twisters (CDR86)

Tongue Twisters were popular during the 19th Century as exercises in diction, but they were revived in the 1900s in the form of Music Hall songs. This CD presents some of the most famous. Introducing the album is Danny Kaye with his classic 1951 recording of Tongue Twisters.

Track Listing

Tongue Twisters: Danny Kaye
Peter's Pop keeps a Lollipop Shop: The Rocky Mountaineers
There's a Song They sing at a Sing Song in Sing Sin: Leslie Sarony
Teasing Tongue Twisters: Bobbie Comber
Sam sat with Sophie on the Sofa: Florrie Forde
I miss my Swiss (My Swiss Miss Misses Me): The Two Gilberts
Sarah (Sitting in the Shoeshine Shop): Fred Douglas
The Little Wooden Whistle wouldn't Whistle: Billy Jones
Wide awake Walter from Wimbledon Way: Jack Lewis
Susan Shy Shyly Sighed: Jack Charman
The Popular Poplar Sweetstuff Song: Alfred Lester
The Woking Waker of Working Men: Chris Baker
Why is Cecil selling Seashells: Jay Laurier
Tommy Tucker took the Tin of Tasty tinned tomatoes: Charlie Collins
Sammy Salter sorted Sausages in Salter's Shop: Ernie Mayne
I shear sheep in the Sheep-Shearing season: Jack Lane
Mother's sitting knitting little Mittens for the Navy: F W Ramsey
I saw Six Short Soldiers: Jay Laurier
Patty proudly packs for Privates Prepaid Paper Parcels: Ted Yorke
Which Switch is the Switch, Miss for Ipswich: Harry Fay
Sister Susie's sewing Shirts for Soldiers: Murray Johnson
Does this Shop stock Shot Socks: Albert Whelan
Sea Shells: Wilkie Bard
We had to Carry Carrie to the Ferry: W H Berry
Double Damask: Cicely Courtneidge

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Sister Susie's sewing Shirts for Soldiers

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