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Max Miller - The Girls I Like - VAR79

Gaslight Music Hall - VAR77
Max Miller was the top Variety comedian of the 1930s and 1940s. This CD includes studio tracks as well as a complete performance recorded at the Finsbury Park Empire in 1939.
The "Cheeky Chappie" at his best.
Track Listing:
Just another Sally; Ain't love grand
Winnie the Whistler; Doh-Re-Me
I bought a Horse; Happy School Days
She was she was she was
Everything happens to me
At the Bathing Parade; No, No, No
Maria fell for me
In the theatre: Parts 1-6 (Finsbury Park Empire)
That's the way to fall in love
When Youre feeling lonely
Come Hither with Your Zither
I never see Maggie alone; My old Mum
Oh Yes! She knows her Onions (w. Beverley Sisters)
Friends and Neighbours; Someone Else Id like to be
The Budgie Song; The Girls I like

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Listen to Max Miller in an Excerpt from The Bathing Parade

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