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Stanley Lupino
Happy - VAR(78)

Stanley Lupino is often associated with musical comedy and pantomime, although in his early career he appeared on the music hall stage. A member of the prestigious Lupino theatrical family, this CD covers the span of his recordings from 1916 through to 1936. The title track is taken from his 1933 film - Happy.

Track Listing

I don't want to go to Bed (w. Elsie Carlisle)
Just one more (w. Elsie Carlisle)
I've found the Right Girl
Let Me Gaze
Miss What's Her Name;
Why can't We
How're Ya getting on?
Yes, No!; Side by Side
I lift up my Finger and I say Tweet Tweet
Hats off to Edgar Wallace
That just gets me out on the Day *
Could Lloyd George do it? *
Oh Italy! *
Mexico *
Percy from Peckham *
On the Staff *
Have You got any Rag? (Part 1) (w. Will Evans) *
Have You got any Rag? (Part 2) (w. Will Evans) *
Laying the Carpet (Part 1) (w. Will Evans) *
Laying the Carpet (Part 2) (w. Will Evans) *
* Denotes Acoustic Recording

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