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Primo Scala
Waltz Me Around Again (VAR80)

Accordeon Bands played a significant part in the entertainment world of the 1930s. Both popular on stage, and through large sales of records, Primo Scala rose to be the top practioner of the genre. Tracks chosen for this CD feature many Music Hall and Variety favourites, played in his typical style.

Track Listing

Gay 90s Waltz Medley: Daisy Bell; She was one of the early birds; Comrades; Little Annie Rooney; Two Lovely Black Eyes
Gay 90s Waltz Medley: Maggie Murphy's Home;
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree; Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland; Why did I leave my Little Back Room; After the Ball
The Elegant 80s: The Blue Danube; The Miner's Dream of Home;
Darling Mabel; For Old Times Sake; Brighton
The Elegant 80s: Girly Girly; Katie Connor; White Wings;
Two Little Girls in Blue; Glorious Beer
50 Years of Song: Little Annie Rooney;
Where did You get that Hat; Ta-ra-ra Boom De-ay;
The Man who broke the Bank; After the Ball;
Just like the Ivy; Let's all go down the Strand
50 Years of Song: Waiting for the Robert E Lee;
A Broken Doll; Peggy O'Neil; Swanee; Love is the Sweetest Thing
Medley of Strauss Waltzes: Artist's Life; Morgenblatter;
Tales from the Vienna Woods; Vienna Blood
Medley of Stirring Tunes: El Relicario; Lady of Spain;
Valencia etc.
Waltz Me Around: Has anyone seen a German Band;
Swing me Higher Obadiah;
By the Side of the Zyder Zee; Down at the Old Bull and Bush
Waltz Me Around: Joshua; We parted on the Shore;
In the Twilight; Oh! Oh! Antonio
The Man on the Flying Trapeze
Waltz Me Around Again: Waltz me around again Willie;
I'm forever blowing bubbles; Oh! Flo
Waltz Me Around Again: Yip-I-Addy;
Why did I leave my Little Back Room;
Oh dear! What can the Matter be
Sing 'Em Again: Let's all go down the Strand;
Where did You get that Hat;
Hello! It's a different girl again; Captain Ginjah
Sing 'Em Again: Has Anyone here seen Kelly;
I wouldn't leave my little wooden Hut; The Galloping Major;
Jolly good luck to the girl who loves a Soldier
Six 'Hits' of the Day: Red Sails in the Sunset;
Me and the Old Folks at Home;
South American Joe
Six 'Hits' of the Day: The Wheel of the Wagon is broken;
Roll along Prairie Moon;
There's a Lovely Lake in London
Cheerio (Here we go): Down at the Old Bull and Bush;
When Irish Eyes are Smiling; I'll be your sweetheart; Dorothy Dean
Cheerio (Here we go): In the Good Old Summertime;
I can't tell why I love You; She's a Lassie from Lancashire; Three O'Clock in the Morning
Songs that Won the War: It's A Long Way to Tipperary;
Keep the Home Fires burning; Hello, Hello, Who's your Lady Friend
Songs that Won the War: Pack Up Your Troubles;
There's a Long Long Trail; Take me back to dear Old Blighty
Ship Ahoy: What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor;
Shenandoah; Blow the Man down; Rio Grande
Ship Ahoy: Billy Boy; Whisky Johnnie; A-Roving;
Tom's gone to Hilo
Goodnight to You All

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