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A Ballad Concert (VOC1)

The Ballad Concert was a major feature of Victorian musical life. This CD features Artists who were leading proponents of the Concert Stage at that time. Mainly, but not exclusively appealing to the growing middle class in the late 1800s, many of the songs are still remembered and loved today. The Recordings date mainly from the early 1900's.

Track Listing

H Lane Wilson:
The Tinker's Song
The Sailor's Life
Sweet Nelly
Border Ballad
The Yeoman's Wedding Song
When Dull Care
Leezie Lindsay
The Pretty Creature
The Somerset Farmer
Bashful Tom
The Good Dry Land
The Harvest Dance
Sir Charles Santley:
Simon the Cellarer
The Vicar of Bray
The Rosary
To Anthea
H Plunket Greene:
Off to Philadelphia
Father O'Flynn
The Donovans
The Little Red Fox
The Gentle Maiden
Little Mary Cassidy
Molly Brannigan
Poor Old Horse
The Garden where the Praties grow
Trottin' to the Fair
The Sailorman
The Hurdy Gurdy Man

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Horn Gram
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Off to Philadelphia

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