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It Pays To Advertise (TOP8)

With the advent of recorded sound, a new avenue opened up for advertisers to promote their wares. Initially, it was the gramophone and record companies who used this medium, but as record prices fell it became ecomonic for other manufacturers to produce special records. From Cookers, Fridges, and Cars to Silk Stockings and Milk all types of product are featured in these recordings from 1906 to 1956.

Track Listing

Advertiser - Title and Artist where known
Gramophone &Typewriter Ltd - Gramophone Intro and Gives Thanks
Columbia - UK Columbia Records
Aeolian Co Ltd - The Pianola (Edited version)
Saunders Stores - Saunders Calling (Alan Saunders)
HMV - Radio-Gramophone Model 521
English & Scottish (Joint) CWS - Tea Time Music Co-op
Lewis's Store, Birmingham - Please Play Me
Radiation Cookers - Trust the Regulo (Sylvia Wellington)
Henecy's - Compliments of C & J Henecy, Dublin
Crystalate - Buy Imperially
Crystalate - Himself (Jack Payne)
HMV - HMV All Wave Receivers
Durium Products Inc - New Idea (USA issued by Tony Wons)
John West - John West Salmon (Stainless Stephen)
BP - Songs of BP
Booth's - Booth's Gin
Kelvinator - Kelvinator
Ovaltine - The Secret of Beauty and Healthy Sleep
Hackney Electricity Dept - Plenty of Time for Play (Helen Raymond)
Standard Motor Co Ltd Coventry - The Song of the Standard
International Refrigerator Co Ltd - Silent Servant
Ulster Imperial Line - The Road to The Isles
Siemens Lamps - The Popular Pair
Gas Light and Coke Company - Meet Mr Therm (Ernest Butcher)
Smart Brothers - A Message (The Chairman)
Callenders Wiring - Bobbie's Ideal House (Bobbie Comber)
Unidentified - Canned Beer Chorus (Tommy Handley)
United Dairies - United Dairies Milk (Edited version)
Quaker - Carroll Levi's Cornflakes
Decca - Decca Portrola (Edited version)
Ballito Hosiery - Slender Silken Ankles (Annette Mills)
Ascot - Happy in the Morning (Phil Green & Orch)
Peek Freans - Mrs Peek's Pudding
Vox - Speaks for You

Ford - 1956 Ford (USA Issue by Rosemary Clooney)
Gramophone &Typewriter Ltd - The Gramophone returning Thanks

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Horn Gram
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United Dairies Pasturised Milk

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