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There Will Always Be An England (VAR98)

There will always be an England was a phrase used by the King in his fourth Empire broadcast, which was then used as the title of the famous World War II song. The other songs on this CD may not be as nationalistic, but rather provide a glimpse of both the humour and sadness of the time. Favourites from Flanagan and Allen, Vera Lynn and Gracie fields together with some lesser known tracks. Included is a recording of a braodcast being interrupted by a flying bomb nearby.

Track Listing

King George VI: Broadcast from Buckingham Palace *
Col. Pike: Intro to Sussex Home Guard *
Billy Cotton: There'll Always be an England
Arthur Askey: Adolf
Vera Lynn: We'll meet again
Flanagan & Allen: Run Rabbit Run
Flanagan & Allen: The Washing on The Siegfried Line
Ronald Frankau: Heil! Hitler! Ja! Ja! Ja!
Al and Bob Harvey: Good Luck and the Same to You
Billy Cotton: Follow the White Line
Flanagan & Allen: When a Grey-Haired Lady says 'How's yer Father?'
Elsie Carlisle: Till the Lights of London shine again
Ronald Frankau: Don't Let's Sing about the War
Gracie Fields: Wish Me Luck
Gracie Fields: Goodnight Children Everywhere
Elsie Carlisle: A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square
Arthur Askey: Get in Your Shelter
Noel Coward: Could You oblige us with a Brenn Gun
Vera Lynn: When They sound the last 'All Clear'
Lupino Lane: Mr Brown of London Town
Vera Lynn: The White Cliffs of Dover
Harry Roy: Der Fuehrer's Face
Noel Coward: Don't Let's be Beastly to the Germans
George Formby: The 'V' Sign Song
Marlene Dietrich: Lilli Marlene
Claude Hulbert & Enid Trevor: Attack by Flying Bomb *
Winston Churchill: The End of the War in Europe *
*Denotes an edited version

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Der Fuehrer's Face

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