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Harry Roy - Knock, Knock, Who's There? - VAR97

Harry Roy CD
Harry Roy, the bandleader, built up his reputation with a show band when he appeared at the Leicester Square Theatre, followed by the London Pavilion and the Cafe Anglais. From 1934 his band was resident at the Mayfair Hotel. This CD features some of his comedy numbers together with three different Stage Show recordings.
Track Listing:
Bugle Call Rag
The Penguins Patrol (w. his RKOlians)
The Villain of the Piece
Three Little Fat Girls
No Words - Nor Anything
The Snake in the Grass
The Wind was blowing Ninety Miles an Hour
Dennis the Menace from Venice
Make Funny Faces at Your Neighbours
Klondyke Kate
Knock Knock Whoís There?
Sarah the Sergeant Majorís Daughter
Ever so Quiet
Lay in The Hay (w. his Bat Club Boys)
Stage Show: From The Empire Theatre London
Stage Show including: Bugle Call Rag; Rita the Rumba Queen;
Roy Club Rag; Iím gonna Kiss Myself Goodbye; The Night is Young;
Nobodyís Sweetheart; Broken Hearted Clown;
September in the Rain; Dinah; Black Eyes; Thatís a Plenty
New Stage Show From The Holborn Empire including:
Bugle Call Rag; Night Ride;
Highland Swing; Little Lady; I love you; Piano Madness;
What made You fall; A Tisket A-tasket; Two Lovely People;
Oh Ma-Ma; Lambeth Walk

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - The Villain of the Piece

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