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John Henry
Hello Everybody (VAR59)

John Henry found his fame through early radio broadcasts with his assistant "Blossom". Featuring a hen-pecked husband and his wife, his sketches coverd a variety of different scenarios. As well as his radio shows, John Henry also appeared on the halls as a great storyteller. With Blossom, he made one of the first broadcasts from an aeroplane and this is evoked in the track John Henry's Aeroplane.

Track Listing

John Henry on the Films; John Henry's Wireless Elephant; Listening in;
John Henry 'Calling'
John Henry's Aeroplane
My Wireless Set
Blossom's Film Scenario;
The Stocking
The Story of Lady Godiva
Going the Pace that kills;
Joe Murgatroyd's Letter
John Henry's Night out
John Henry in Paris;
There's another Trumpet playing in the Sky

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Horn Gram
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Going the pace that kills

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