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Palace of Varieties (VAR58)

This CD comprises two separate entertainments which were previously issued on LP as Daniel Farson presents Music Hall and Palace of Varieties.

In 1961, Daniel Farson gathered together some of the great artistes of the past at the Metropolitan, Edgware Road and recorded their performance. This must be one of the very last recordings featuring these old stars.

Palace of Varieties was a long running BBC radio series which attempted to create the atmosphere of the old Halls, and the recorded show features a mixture of old time stars and more recent chorus singers.

Track Listing

1) The Orchestra: Overture 'Theatreland'
2) Daniel Farson: Introduction
3) Hetty King: Ship Ahoy
4) Albert Whelan: The Jolly Brothers
5) Albert Whelan: The Preacher and the Bear
6) Daniel Farson: Music Hall History
7) Hughie Diamond: I Love a Lassie
8) Hughie Diamond: Stop Yer Tickling Jock
9) Hughie Diamond: He's a Bra' Bra' Highland Laddie
10) Hughie Diamond: Keep Right on to the End of the Road
11) Ida Barr: Everybody's Doing It
12) Ida Barr: Oh, You Beautiful Doll
13) Community Singing: Daisy Bell; She was One of the Early Birds;
Two Lovely Black Eyes
14) G H Elliott: I Used To Sigh For The SIlvery Moon
15) Billy Danvers: Kiss Me Tonight
16) Marie Lloyd Jnr: I'm A Bit Of A Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About A Bit
17) Community Singing: Down At The Old Bull And Bush:
18) Community Singing: - Knees Up Mother Brown
19) Community Singing: - It's A Long Long Way To Tipperary
20) The Orchestra: If You Were The Only Girl In The World
21) The Orchestra: Let's All Go Down The Strand
22) Ernest Longstaffe: Introduction to Chairman Rob Currie
23) Paddie O'Neil: Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy
24) Raymond Newell: The Old Brigade
25) Billy Howard: Boiled Beef and Carrots
26) Helen Clare: The Honeysuckle and the Bee
27) Leslie Sarony: In the Twi-Twi-Twilight
28) John Rorke: My Old Dutch
29) The Company: I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
30) Paddie O'Neil: Ship Ahoy
31) Raymond Newell: Comrades
32) Billy Howard: Any Old Iron
33) Helen Clare: If I Should Plant A Tiny Seed Of Love
34) Leslie Sarony: Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend
35) John Rorke: Daisy Bell
36) Rob Currie: Glorious Beer
37) The Company: Auld Lang Syne
38) The Orchestra: Palace Of Varieties March

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Hello, Who's your Lady Friend

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