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Elsie Carlisle - Smoke gets in Your Eyes - VAR107

Elsie Carlisle - Smoke gets in Your Eyes CD
Elsie Carlisle was one of the most popular female vocalists of the 1920s and thirties, both as a soloist and as a dance band singer. This CD features tracks from the second part of her career up to her final recording session in 1942.
Track Listing:
Elsie Carlisle Medley: Gertie the Girl with the Gong; Home James; No, No, A Thousand times No
Elsie Carlisle Medley: Dirty Hands, Dirty Face;
Little Chap with Big Ideas; Little Man You’ve had a Busy Day

Hangin' on to that Man
The Night when Love was Born
How Deep is the Ocean
I wish I knew a bigger word than Love
The Girl next Door
It’s the Talk of the Town
Makin’ Conversation
Come up and See Me Sometime
On a Steamer Coming Over
Did you ever see a Dream Walking
Who Walks in when I Walk Out
Gosh I must be falling in Love
Smoke gets in your Eyes
Waiting for the Lights to Change
He Wooed Her
Public Sweetheart No1
My Heart belongs to Daddy
Nursie, Nursie
Please leave my Butter Alone
Oh! Johnny, Oh! Johnny, Oh!
Mr Jones (Are you coming to Bed?)
When the Bluebird says “Bye Bye”
The Hut Sut song
Rosie O'Day

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Smoke gets in Your Eyes

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