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Elsie Carlisle - Body and Soul - VAR106

Elsie Carlisle - Body and Soul CD
Elsie Carlisle was one of the most popular female vocalists of the 1920s and thirties, both as a soloist and as a dance band singer. This CD features recordings from the first part of her career including the controversial song: My Man o' War.
Track Listing:
Elsie Carlisle Medley: I canít give You anything but Love; Youíre driving me Crazy; Mean to Me; What is this Thing called Love; My Heart stood still; Just one more Chance I love my Baby
So is your Old Lady
Coming through the Cornfield
Nobodyís Business
I canít get over a Boy like You
I can't give You anything but Love
Happy Days and Lonely Nights
That Monte Carlo Song
What is this Thing called Love
Letís do it - Letís fall in Love
Mean to Me
Tell me more about Love
Iím just in the Mood Tonight
Body and Soul
My Man o' War
I wonder what is really on his Mind
Little White Lies
My Handy Man ainít Handy any more
Youíre driving Me Crazy
My Canary has Circles under his Eyes
You didnít have to Tell Me
Hanginí on to that Man (w. Spike Hughes)
You try Somebody Else

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Listen to part of a sample track - My Man O War

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