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Billy Milton - You're Driving Me Crazy - VAR104

Billy Milton - You're Driving Me Crazy CD
Billy Milton was a man of many parts. One of the top cabaret artists of the 1930's he also made films and later appeared in many TV series. This CD features his recordings, firstly as a dance band vocalist, and then as a solo performer.
Track Listing:
Iíve got a Sweetie on the Radio #
The Doll Dance #
Iím a Dreamer, Arenít We all ^
If I had a Talking Picture of You ^
Encore *
Iíll be getting along *
Rio Rita **
Piccolo Pete **
Iím in love with You **
Ainít Misbehaviní **
My Heart is Saying %
Lovable and Sweet %
The Thought never entered my Head %
Sheís such a comfort to Me %
The First Weekend in June %
Follow a Star %
Thereís always To-morrow
Three Little Words
Youíre driving me Crazy
It was such a gorgeous Night
Higgledy, Piggledy, My Son John
Another Day

# (w. Billy Mayerl)
^ (w. Van Phillips and His Band)
* (w. New Mayfair D.O.)
** (w. Percival Mackeyís Orch)
% (w. Four Bright Sparks)

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Sheís such a comfort to Me

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