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Bertha Willmott  CD

Bertha Willmott
Look Up and Laugh (VAR103)

Bertha Willmott was a frequent broadcaster on the BBC during the 1930s and 40s. She specialised in reviving old music hall songs as well as singing more up-to-date material. She was called at one time 'Radio's Greatest Chorus Singer.'

Track Listing

Daddy wouldn't buy me a Bow-Wow
Down at the old Bull and Bush
Why did I kiss that girl (w. Harry Fay)
Home James (w. Jay Wilbur and his Band)
Don't 'ang my 'Arry (w. Jay Wilbur and his Band)
Up around the ole North pole
What can you give a Nudist
Love is Everywhere
Look up and Laugh
Beer Barrel Polka
Bring Out the Little Brown Jugs
Da-Dah. Da-Dar
Bless 'em All
Oh what a Surprise for the Duce
Goodnight Good Luck and Carry On
Where do We go from here?
You'd be far better off in a Home
She's in love with a Soldier
Does He love Me (Yes or No?)
I've got Sixpence
No! No! A Thousand Times No! (w. Fred Douglas)
Mum, Dad and the Nipper (w. Geo Buck)

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Horn Gram
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Don't Hang My Harry

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