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Little Tich - In Other People's Shoes (CDR9)

Little Tich CD
Little Tich, famous for his "Big Boot" dance, made up for his lack of height with his powers of observation, which he used in a series of sketches of characters, some of which are featured on this CD. Each of his creations was uniquely distinctive, not only in its make-up and costume, but also in his movement and presence. The CD contains 19 tracks, transferred from original 78 rpm recordings which were made between 1911 - 1917.
Track Listing:
The Gas Inspector, The Twenty Third, The Sale, The Territorial, King Ki Ki , The Dentist, The Toreador, The Zoo Keeper, The Waiter, The Weather, A Risky Thing to do, The Don of the Don Juans, Sweet Simplicity, The Tallyman, The Gamekeeper, The Skylark, The Pirate, Tally-Ho!, The Best Man - more track info . . .

Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - The Zookeeper

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