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George Lashwood - What a Don! (CDR10)

George Lashwood CD
George Lashwood was a handsome and distinguished looking man who always dressed in the height of fashion, and as a result became known as “The Beau Brummel of the Halls”. In many of George Lashwood's songs he takes the part of a “swell” out on the town for the night. The CD contains 20 tracks by George Lashwood, transferred from original 78 rpm recordings which were made between 1905 - 1912.
Track Listing:
The Statues in Trafalgar Square, Riding on top of the car, My latchkey Twilight, The Serpentine, Hang out the front door key, Saturday-aturday, Dear Mr. Admiral, The Baby’s Parade, What a Don! One of the girls, I've been out with Charlie Brown, Sea Sea Sea, Send for a policeman, Just for a girl, Mr Pat O'Hara (Take me to the harem), A Rainy Afternoon, Oh! Blow the scenery on the railway, It’s a long long walk, I forgot the number on the door. - more track info . . .

Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Oh! Blow the Scenery on the Railway

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