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George Lashwood
What a Don! (CDR10)

George Lashwood was a handsome and distinguished looking man who always dressed in the height of fashion, and as a result became known as “The Beau Brummel of the Halls”. In many of George Lashwood's songs he takes the part of a “swell” out on the town for the night. The CD contains 20 tracks by George Lashwood, transferred from original 78 rpm recordings which were made between 1905 - 1912.

Track Listing

The Statues in Trafalgar Square
Riding on top of the car
My latchkey Twilight
The Serpentine
Hang out the front door key
Dear Mr. Admiral
The Baby's Parade
What a Don! One of the girls
I've been out with Charlie Brown
Sea Sea Sea
Send for a policeman
Just for a girl
Mr Pat O'Hara (Take me to the harem)
A Rainy Afternoon
Oh! Blow the scenery on the railway
It's a long long walk
I forgot the number on the door.

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Oh! Blow the Scenery on the Railway

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