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Will Evans - Building a Chicken House (CDR43)

Will Evans CD
Will Evans was noted for his pantomime appearances and slap-stick sketches. Included here is his famous sketch Building a Chicken House together with other comic songs and monologues. Will Evans also introduces us to Jim, a character who apears in several recordings. Plus some topical comments from 1908 on the subject of the Suffragette.
Great fun from the early 20th Century.
Track Listing:
Building a Chicken House; The Novelette ; The Letter; Burlesque speech on "Fiscal Policy"; Police Court Justice; How are You getting on?; You do belong to me don't you?; All about Jim; Tin Tacks ; Down at the Garden Gate; The Invasion of 1910; The Derby Winner; Yachting; The Showman; Keeping Bees; The Suffragette; The Breach of Promise Case; Mrs. Morgan's Cure; The Butcher; The Mermaid's Lament; The Beauty Doctor; On the Doorstep; A (K)night in Armour; The Girl Who lost her Memory; 'Arnessing An 'Orse
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Listen to: Will Evans in an excerpt from The Suffragette

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