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Ben Lawes - Because I look a Fool (CDR42)

Ben Lawes CD
Ben Lawes started his recording career in the cylinder phonograph era, playing the part of a country yokel who apparently was none toe clever. Later in his career, Ben Lawes was a popular broadcaster and also a performer of "potted-plays" of around five minutes duration. His record The little Wireless Set I made at home is interesting for its portrayal of early broadcasting in England. Have a listen to the audio clip and revive a forgotten talent.
Track Listing:
She's proud and she's beautiful, The Galloping Major, Because I look a Fool, The Village Pump, Mrs Jorkins in Town, The Appetite, The Countryman's Holiday, The Jocular Judge, Little Puddle town, I be only a poor Country Chap, With my Father along of Me, The little Wireless Set I made at home, My Marriage, The Christening, Exits, In Pirate Days of old, When the Romans conquered England, - more track info . . .

Listen to: Ben Lawes in an excerpt from The Jocular Judge

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