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Melodies of the Music Hall (CDR38)

Meeting a long felt need, this CD provides instrumental versions of many famous Music Hall Songs. The first tracks have arrangements for Fairground Organ and Barrel Piano played in a traditional robust style.
The next track gives us a flavour of the popular 1930's accordeon bands, and is followed by some fine playing by Reginald Dixon on the theatre organ at the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool.
An orchestral selection from The London Palladium leads on to the composer Leslie Stuart playing a number of his own compositions.
The final 36 tracks have Charlie Kunz playing Music Hall Choruses in his typically relaxed style; each tune having an individual track number for ease of reference. The tunes are ideally pitched for singing and words to these choruses are included with the CD.

Track Listing

Barrel Piano Knees up Mother Brown
Mammoth Fair Organ Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay; Glorious Beer; Let's all go down the Strand; Ginger You're barmy; Down at the Old Bull & Bush; Put me amongst the girls; Nellie Dean; Red Wing
Barrel Piano Down at the Old Bull & Bush; Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road; Daisy Bell; At Trinity Church I met my doom
Mammoth Fair Organ I do like to be beside the seaside; Who were you with last night?; I'm 21 today; We all went marching home again; Where did you get that hat?; I love a Lassie; Down the road; We all go the same way home
Scott-Wood Accordeon Quartet Daisy Bell; She was one of the early birds; Two lovely black eyes; Comrades; Little Annie Rooney
Reginald Dixon (Organ) I do like to be beside the seaside; If you were the only girl in the world; I'll be your sweetheart; Hello, Who's your lady friend? All the nice girls love a sailor; Till we meet again; Oh you beautiful doll; I do like to be beside the seaside
Reginald Dixon (Organ) Bill Bailey; Get your hair cut; Champagne Charlie; Ta-ra-ra-Boom-de-ay; Good Old Summer time; Dolly Gray; Tiddly Fol Lol; Where the sunset turns; Little Alabama Coon; I don't want to play in your yard; He's only a working man; The Guards' Parade
London Palladium Orchestra 50 Years of Song - A Selection of Historic Song Successes
Leslie Stuart (Piano) Leslie Stuart's Popular Songs
Charlie Kunz (Piano) Choruses: Intro; Let the great big world keep turning; Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow; The Galloping Major; I'm Shy Mary Ellen; Katie Connor; Get out and get under; If I should plant a tiny seed of love; The Army of Today's Alright; Ship Ahoy; In the Twi-twi-twilight; She's a lassie from Lancashire; The Lily of Laguna; You made me love you; Ta ra ra Boom-de-ay; I'll be your sweetheart; Brighton; For months and months and months; Goodbye Dolly Gray; On the Good Ship Yacki-Hicki-Doo-La; Wait til the clouds roll by; Darling Mabel; The Ship I love; Hold your hand out naughty boy; I was a good little girl till I met you; In the good old Summer time; Oh! Oh! Antonio; Flanagan; Following in Father's Footsteps; After the Ball; Two Little girls in Blue; I used to sigh for for the silvery moon; Has anybody here seen Kelly; PC 49; Three O'clock in the morning; Are we to part like this; Waiting for the Robert E Lee - - All from electrical recordings for superior sound quality.

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Knees Up Mother Brown

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