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A Music Hall Sampler (CDR37)

This CD is an ideal introduction to the songs of the Music Hall. Including the top names, as well as some of the more obscure, it covers the range of subjects and style which made the Halls and their songs so popular. If you haven't heard any of these artists before, then this is the place to start. If you have heard them before, then you will not be disappointed with these songs.

Track Listing

Barrel Piano: Down at the Old Bull and Bush
Ella Shields: Burlington Bertie from Bow
Billy Wiliams: When Father papered the Parlour
Florrie Forde: Flo From Pimlico; Oh! The Fancy Petticoat
Whit Cunliffe: Have a Bit on the Lady
Alice Lloyd: You splash me and I'll splash You
George Formby: When Father said he'd pay the Rent
Vesta Tilley: Following in Father's Footsteps; It's part of a Policeman's Duty
George Lashwood: Take a tip from Father
Clarice Mayne & J W Tate (“That”): I was a good little girl ‘till I met you
Gus Elen: Don't stop my ‘arf a pint o' beer
Victoria Monks: I wish I had a Pal like You
Dan Leno: The Tower of London
Little Tich: There's a silly thing to ask a Policeman
Harry Champion: While I was licking my Stamp
Vesta Victoria: It didn't take long to come off
Harry Lauder: I love a Lassie
Mark Sheridan: You can do a lot of things
Harry Fragson: All the girls are lovely by the seaside
Fred Earle: Up went my little Umbrella
Ernie Mayne: How's your poor old feet
Tom Woottwell: What do you think I did?
Lily Morris: Don't have any more Mrs. Moore
Sam Mayo: Baby,
Marie Lloyd Jnr.: A little bit of what you fancy
Violet Loraine & George Robey: If you were the only girl in the world
These tracks are all previously un-issued on this label; alternative versions being used in some cases to avoid duplication with previous releases.

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Following in Father's Footsteps

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