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Chairman's Choice (CDR22)

This CD features a wide range of top line Artists, including Charles Coborn, Nelson Jackson, Hetty King, Harry Fragson, Yvette Guilbert, Eugene Stratton, G. H. Chirgwin, plus members of the Lloyd family.

Charles Coborn sings his two most famous songs "Two lovely Black Eyes" and "The Man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo" plus his self-penned "He's alright when you know him" together with three other songs. Some of Marie Lloyd's songs are performed by her sisters and daughter in a rare 1930s "Marie Lloyd Memoirs" recording consisting of six short tracks which they introduce.
Hetty King, the male impersonator, recorded very few songs, but two of these are featured here.
Eugene Stratton, teamed up with Leslie Stuart, one of England's finest song writers, and here are presented four of these songs sung in their original form.
G. H. Chirgwin shows us some true Victorian sentiment in his performance of "The Blind Boy", which gives a flavour of live performance with its calls to the Gallery.
Harry Fragson, who had quite a cult following in England, and was particularly famous in France, gives us an insight into two new ideas of the late 19th Century - The Employment Agency, and the Department Store.
Some old favourites here as well as some less known tracks. In fact, something for every Music Hall enthusiast on this 30 track CD.

Track Listing

Arthur Collins: Bill Bailey won't you please come home
Rosie Lloyd: When I Take my Morning Promenade
Alice Lloyd Who are you getting at?, The Nearer the Bone, The Sweeter the Meat
Daisy Wood: One of the Ruins Cromwell knocked about a bit
Marie Lloyd Jnr.: I'd like to go again, Don't Dilly-Dally on the Way
Charles Coborn:When I wants to see myself, It's so simple, The Man who broke the bank, He's All Right When You know him, Off she goes again, Two lovely Black Eyes,
Nelson Jackson: When Richard I sat on the Throne
Hetty King: Oh Girls Why do you love the Soldiers, I'm going away
Harry Fragson: Billy Brown, The Employment Agency, Paper Bag Cookery, The Other Department please
Yvette Guilbert: I will give you the keys of Heaven, I want yer ma honey
Eugene Stratton Coon Drum Major, I may be crazy but I love you, Lily of Laguna, Little Dolly Daydream
G. H. Chirgwin: My Fiddle is my Sweetheart, The Jocular Joker, Asleep in the deep, Blind Boy

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Two Lovely Black Eyes

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