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Whit Cunliffe
Tight Skirts have Got to Go (CDR21)

Whit Cunliffe was a popular light comedian who was at the height of his success just prior to the First World War. Many of Whit Cunliffe's songs featured "Girls" in the Titles; indeed one is called "They won't let me sing about the girls" Nevertheless, he does. Other songs had topical or political references which make them fascinating today. A total of 23 tracks by Whit Cunliffe, all recorded between 1910 and 1915.

Track Listing

Up She goes
Follow me
Knocking at Every Door
He's Alright
I shouldn't be here tonight
Let's have free trade amongst the girls
It's the tailor makes the man
I'm on my honeymoon
You can't judge a woman by her clothes
There's something in the seaside air
Let's go round to Mr. Riley's
They won't let me sing about the girls
They can do without us
We are not out much
Follow the Baldheads
Mister Cupid
That's what they all say
I had a divil of a time last night
In these hard times
In the dear old town that I was born in
Tight skirts have got to go
You must have a night out now and then.

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Knocking at Every Door

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