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Jack Hulbert
The Flies Crawled Up The Window (VAR95)

Jack Hulbert was heavily involved with the Footlights Dramatic Club at Cambridge University, from where he went on to perform in musicals and revues. Together with his wife Cicely Courtneidge, they became famous internationally as well as producing and performing in many West End shows. 24 tracks including an early one from 1917.

Track Listing

The Flies crawled up the Window
But not Today
She's such a Comfort to Me
Jolly Good Company (w. Claude Hulbert)
It always starts to Rain (w. Claude Hulbert)
I want to cling to Ivy
You don't understand (w. Joan McLaren)
I want to ring Bells (w. Eddie & Rex)
My Hat's on the Side of my Head (w. Eddie & Rex)
My Dancing Lady (w. Alice Otley, Eddie & Rex)
My Last Year's Girl (w. Eddie & Rex)
Keep Tempo (w. Eddie & Rex)
Miss What's Her Name (w. Eddie & Rex)
Who's been polishing the Sun
What a little Moonlight can do (w. Eddie & Rex)
Where there's You there's Me
You're sweeter than I thought You were
Tap your Tootsies
It's going to take a Lot of getting used to
Something in the Air-s (w. Cicely Courtneidge)
Love's Re-awakening (w. Cicely Courtneidge)
Reckless Reggie (Acoustic Recording)

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The Flies crawled up the Window

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