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Harold Berens
Wot a Geezer (VAR87)

Harold Berens was one of the foremost comedy artists to appear on BBC Radio during the 1940s. A skilled raconteur, he came to fame with his cockney character in the series Ignorance is Bliss. His catchphrase became What a Geezer. This full CD features all live recordings transcribed from Private Acetate Discs.

Track Listing

Intro from Carroll Gibbons Floor Show;
Music Hall;
Mid Day Music Hall (Intro by Michael Miles);
Variety Bandbox (BBC Light Programme);
Variety Playhouse;
Music Hall;
Broadcast recording No. 1;
Broadcast recording No. 2;
Dick Berens (Special Agent);
Zing a Little Song;
All Change (BBC Light Programme);
In Town Tonight (Interviewer John Ellison)<

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