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Bob Mallin
Blazing The Trail (VAR82)

Bob Mallin was popular during the mid 1930s with his cowboy songs, and may be regarded as the first British Country and Western singer. As well as his solo performances, he was also a vocalist with Henry Hall and the BBC Dance Orchestra. Later he was the singing cowboy in the BBC Radio series Riders of the Range.

Track Listing

It's My Mother's Birthday Today
Misty Islands of the Highlands
East of the Sun
Say the Word and It's Yours
Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang
Knick Knacks on the Mantel
Blazin' the Trail
We'll rest at the End of the Trail
When the Sun says Goodnight to the Mountain
Nobody's Darling but Mine
A Cowboy's Wedding Day
Where the Lazy River goes by
Across the Great Divide
On the Trail where the Sun hangs Low
My Little Buckaroo
With my Little Horse and Wagon
There's only Five Bullets in my Old Six Shooter
Prairie Romeo
Oh! They're mighty tough in the West
A Sailboat in the Moonlight
Gee Gee
When the Organ played 'O! Promise Me'
Candy Kisses
Clancy lowered the Broom<

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Horn Gram
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Blazin' the Trail

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