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Douglas Byng  CD

Douglas Byng
One of the Queens of England (VAR6)

Douglas Byng, billed as "Bawdy, but British", was one of the top cabaret and Variety stars of the 1920s and 30s. Famous for his female impersonations, he wrote many of his songs, some of which were originally banned by the BBC. Unusually, he was particularly successful at pantomime as well as being a top cabaret artist.

Track Listing

Things we want to know
The Cabaret Boys
The Sunday School has done a lot for me
Oriental Emma of the 'arem
Sex Appeal Sarah
She may be all that's wonderful
Lots of little things are done by Kindness
Hot Handed Hetty
Mexican Minnie
I'm one of the Queens of England
I'm Millie
a messy old Mermaid
Louisa from Pisa
At the Ball
Flora McDonald
Songs of the Shires - Hunting
Songs of the Shires - Nana of the Manor
Naughty Victorian Days
And Modern American Ways
Thank you so much Missus Lowsborough-Goodby
I'm a Mummy
Lizzie the Pre-War Flivver
Miss Otis Regrets
I'm a Tree
Naughty Nellie Gwyn
Mrs. Lot

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Horn Gram
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Oriental Emma of the 'arem

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