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Wish Wynne
The Servant Girl - (VAR49)

Wish Wynne started her career in Music Hall and later became popular on the Wireless with her character sketches. In particular, her fairy-stories, told as a Cockney girl would tell them, and including things and politicians from real life, were classics of their time.
Other Characterisations include the young country girl who wonders about her young man in I dunno and the Slavey in A Servant Girl.

Track Listing

A Servant Girl
Our District Visitor
A Bedtime Story - Red Riding Hood
Filthy Lucre
I Dunno
Another Bedtime Story - Cind'rella
Cockney Girl at the Cinema
There's always Something
Bluebeard - A Bedtime Story
An Embankment Impression
A Bedtime Story - Sleeping Beauty

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I Dunno

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