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Leslie Sarony
Grandpa Liked It - (VAR38)

Leslie Sarony was hugely popular during the 1930s, and wrote and recorded many songs. Leslie Sarony was the King of the nonsense song, such as Why did the Sparrow leave the Straight and Narrow? and Let me carry your Bag to Bagdad, Dad. The title song Grandpa Liked It is one of those which leaves a permanent impression on the memory - once heard never forgotten.

On this CD Leslie Sarony appears with Leslie Holmes on Shut the Door (they're coming in the Window) . He is also joined by Jack Hylton's band on some tracks. And is that Charles Penrose you can hear on the last track?

Track Listing

Grandpa liked It
When the Light shines Brightly in the Lighthouse
Topsy Turvy Talk
Sing Holly! Go Whistle! Hey! Hey!
Meet me Tonight in the Cowshed (with Jack Hylton)
More Rhymes
He played his Ukelele as the Ship went down
Why did the Sparrow leave the Straight and Narrow?
The Old Kitchen Kettle
Plinketty Plonk
Old White's Whiskers
Shut the Door (with Leslie Holmes)
How're You getting on?
Errand Boy's Parade
Pedestrian's Dilemma
Let me carry your Bag to Bagdad, Dad
When H'I was H'out in H'India
Where there's You there's Me
The Feller that played the Pianner
Knock, Knock, Who's there?
Laughing Waltz (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

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Horn Gram
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Grandpa Liked It

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