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Max Bacon & Julian Rose  CD

Max Bacon & Julian Rose
Hebrew Humour - (VAR35)

By popular demand, this CD features the contrasting Jewish styles of Max Bacon and Julian Rose. Max Bacon started as the drummer with Ambrose's Orchestra, but later went on to become a comedian.
Julian Rose is famous for his depiction of Levinsky at the Wedding which is included here in its entirely. As a bonus, seven tracks taken from his earlier career in American Vaudeville are included, these being from cylinder recordings of the 1900s.
(Note: these bonus tracks are not electrical recordings but are earlier acoustic recordings included for historic interest)
To complete the picture and aid understanding, Sam Levenson gives us a lesson in basic Yiddish.

Track Listing

Max Bacon: Gershwin Lockshan-Soup Jack
Barmitzvah boy
Shmoul, Pick up the Kishke
Buy my little Ten-a-Penny Pills
I can get it for you wholesale
Even a Crooner must eat
Pancho's Widow
Holtz Myer and Cohen
I must see Annie tonight
Little Red Hooding Ride
William T-Hell
Sam Levenson: Basic Yiddish
Julian Rose: Levinsky at the Wedding (Parts 1 to 4)
Becky Ginsberg's Wedding
Levinsky's Jubilee
Julian Rose Bonus Tracks (Acoustically Recorded Parodies)
Rip Wan Winkle was a Lucky Man
In the Good Old Summer Time
When the Boys go marching by
Go 'way back and sit down
Ain't dat a shame?
In the shade of the old Apple Tree
Then I'd be Satisfied with Life

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Horn Gram
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I can get it for you wholesale

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