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G.H. Elliott
Plain Chocolate (VAR2)

G. H. Elliott's career spanned many years covering the years of acoustic recordings up to the long playing vinyl record. He normally performed as a black face artist. Whilst some of the lyrics of his songs
and his appelation of "The Chocolate coloured Coon" are no longer politically acceptable
these date from another age when such things were not an issue. Included on the CD are the two Leslie Stuart songs
Lily of Laguna and Little Dolly Daydream
which were initially made famous by Eugene Stratton
but which became
in later days
closely associated with G. H. Elliott. Fine songs
superbly sung. The CD contains 25 Tracks
being electrically recorded between 1928 and 1931.

More G. H. Elliott tracks are available on the 50 Years A Star CD - VAR73

Track Listing

I'm going back again to Old Nebraska
So long as the sun keeps shining
Since I met Mary Jane
Get Out and Get Under the Moon
Down Kentucky Way
Hundreds of Miles away
Up with the Lark in the Morning
Walking with Susie
Hear the Ukuleles A-Calling You
Muddling Through
Plain Chocolate
Lily of Laguna
Little Dolly Daydream
Swinging on a Hammock
Moonshine is better than Sunshine
Make Yourself a Happiness Pie
Here comes the Sun
I miss a Little Miss
Hot Yodel
My Gal's given me the Go-Bye
Makin' Faces at the Man in the Moon
Down Sunnyside Lane

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Horn Gram
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Moonshine is better than Sunshine

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