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Gracie Fields
A Hot Pot Party (VAR17)

Gracie Fields is remembered today as the singer of the song 'Sally'. In the earlier part of her career Gracie Fields was a top variety entertainer with a huge repertoire of comic songs. This CD includes many from those early years, sung in a broad Lancashire accent, as well as some of the later songs. Under-rated today for her earlier work, much of which has been unavailable for years, this CD should help to redress the balance.

Track Listing

Mary Ellen'
s Hot Pot Party
re living at The Cloisters
Our Avenue
In the woodshed she said she would
Why does the hyena laugh?
Like the Big Pots do
Take a look at mine
Hot Pot
Would a Manx Cat wag its tail?
Scented Soap
Unlucky Number Thirteen
Stop and shop at the Co-op Shop
in the bathtub
You can'
t kill flies by scratching them
The clatter of the clogs
Little pudden basin
The lovely aspidistra in the old art pot
Fred Fannakapan
The Bargain Hunter
Oh! sailor behave
The mocking bird went 'Cuckoo'
When we all went to the Zoo
Heaven will protect an honest girl
What can you give a nudist on his birthday
In my little bottom drawer
The Biggest Aspidistra in the World

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Mary Ellen's Hotpot Party

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