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Jack Warner
The Old Blue Pencil (VAR13)

Jack Warner is remembered today for his portrayal of the popular TV policeman, Dixon of Dock Green, but his career was much wider than that. On this 23 track CD, Jack Warner shows his versatility both in song and monologue. Performing across the spectrum from cockney comedian to French singer, Jack Warner provides a complete entertainment.

Track Listing

Up and Down the Railway Lines
My Brother in the Lifeguards
I didn't orter 'a ett it
Somebody's asked me
Bunger up of Rat 'Oles
My Love Parade
Yer can't 'elp laughin'
'Neath the Shanty Town Moon
What! The Old Blue Pencil
Frank and his Tank
Little Gel
Auxiliary Fire Service Cecil
Claude and his Sword
The Drum Major
Sea Lions and Seals
If I had only put an X instead of a 1
The Turkish Bath Attendant
Victoire (La Fille a Madelon)
Jack Warner with the Navy - My Bonnie lies over the Ocean
Blow the Man down
What shall we do with a drunken sailor
The Cream of Society
Polly Wolly Doodle
Tavern in the town

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The Old Blue Pencil

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