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Titanic Tunes & Tales CD

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Titanic Tunes & Tales (TOP4)

When the Titanic sailed from Southampton in April 1912, eight musicians were ready to entertain the passengers. Once on board the Titanic, each first class passenger was given a copy of the White Star Line's current music book. In 1912, this listed by name some 352 tunes as well as waltzes, hymns and other items which the musicians would play on request. The musicians on the Titanic were divided principally between a saloon orchestra and a trio. The trio played mainly on B deck either outside the first class a la carte restaurant or in the Cafe Parisien on the starboard side. The Saloon Orchestra was a five piece band which played mainly in the first class lounge during afternoon tea or in the D Deck dining room at luncheon and dinner.
All the instrumental items on this Titanic CD were listed in the White Star Line's music book, and are from recordings of the time, where possible using similar instrumentation to the Titanic musicians. In addition "Everyman at His Post" and "Be British" were commemorative songs written immediately after the disaster and recorded during the following year.
The CD draws to a conclusion with a rare interview, recorded in the 1950s, with Mr Allen who was a fireman (stoker) on board the Titanic and here relives his story of that eventful night. This is followed by an evocative rendition of "Nearer my God to Thee" which was played as the ship was sinking.

Be British was the cry as the Ship went down
Every man was steady at his post
Captain and crew when they knew the worst
Saving the women and children first . . .

Track Listing

Every Man At His Post
Barcarolle 'Tales of Hoffmann'
Under the Blue Danube
The Chocolate Soldier Waltz
Pirates of Penzance Selection
Count of Luxembourg Selection
The Gondoliers Selection
Forget Me Not
In the Shadows
The Whistler and His Dog
Mosquito Parade
Merry Widow Selection
Spring Song
Simple Aveu
Hearts and Flowers
Faust Fantasie
Be British
Berceuse de Jocelyn
Ave Maria
Interview with Titanic Survivor
Nearer My God, to Thee
Be British

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Every Man at His Post

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