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George Formby Snr. - The Man from Lancashire No.2 (CDR80)

George Formby CD
George Formby was one of the first widely-known Lancashire comedians, sometimes appearing in the guise of John Willie as in the song “John Willie, Come on”. He settled in Wigan in 1900, and was credited with the popularization of the name “Wigan Pier”. His son George, apprenticed as a jockey, left racing on the death of his father and started to carry on the family stage tradition. Initially he re-created his father’s material, but eventually developed his own personality and as George Formby Jnr. was highly successful in his own right. Today, it is the son who is remembered but George Formby Senior has an appeal of his own and is often regarded as the "comedians" comedian. The CD contains 25 tracks from his later recordings, transferred from original 78 rpm records which were made between 1914 - 1920, plus one cylinder from 1906.

Further George Formby Snr. recordings are available on CDR8 and CDR79
Track Listing:
The Man from Lancashire No.2
It must be the Clothes I'm wearing
I can sing I can dance
I'm a Sport
John Willie’s Ragtime band
Higher than You
They're all Good Lads
The Inquest
I had my Hand in my Pocket
The Man was a Stranger to me
All of a sudden it struck Me
I lifted the Latch and walked in
Lancashire Scotsman
Don’t fall out with your Husband
Lucky Jim
Not quite so daft as I look
Bert the Bad Bolshevik
Tea Cup Tellings
Man of the World
I don’t know where I’m going/
I went round with the Box
A bit of a Do

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - I went round with the box

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