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Ada Jones - The Only Star That Twinkles On Broadway (CDR73)

Ada Jones CD
Ada Jones, who was born in Oldham, moved the the USA when she was six years old. After making some of the first commercial phonograph cylinders in 1893, she worked as a stage performer. In 1904 she restarted her recording career and went on to be the leading american female recording star of the time. Showing the interchange between American and British culture she recorded a number of British Music Hall songs such as Vesta Victoria's - Will He answer Goo Goo? and - Don't get Married any more Ma.
Track Listing:
Iím the Only Star that Twinkles on Broadway;
Hottentot Love Song;
Just a Little Rocking Chair and You;
Poor John;
Donít get married any more, Ma;
Will He answer Goo Goo?;
All She gets from the Iceman is Ice;
Iím in love with the Slide Trombone;
Iím awfully Glad I met You (with Billy Murray);
Mandy Lane;
Now I have to call him Father;
Irish Blood;
Oh! You Candy Kid;
Put on Your Slippers, Youíre in for the Night;
Any Little Girl;
Iím Looking for a Nice Fellow;
The Dublin Rag;
Whistle It;
Ring Ting-A-Ling;
Who puts Me in My Little Bed?;
Just Plain Folk;
Whistling Jim;
Somebodyís coming to My House;
Says I to myself, says I

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Listen to part of a sample track - I'm in love with the Slide Trombone

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