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Vesta Tilley
The London Idol (CDR70)

Vesta Tilley became the greatest male impersonator on the Music Hall Stage. Her popularity was such that she could set the fashions in men's attire. During The Great War, she sang songs related to the times and became known as England's Greatest Recruiting Sergeant

Track Listing

I'm a Bachelor;
Following in Father's Footsteps;
It's part of a Policeman's Duty;
Algy (The Piccadilly Johnny with the Little Glass Eye);
Royal Artillery;
When the Right Girl comes along;
Following a Fellow with a Face like Me;
I'm the Idol of the Girls;
Give It to Father;
One of the Midnight Sons;
Introduce Me to the Lady;
Monty from Monte Carlo;
Aunt Matilda;
Let's make a Night of it Tonight;
I'll show You around Paree;
What would the Seaside be without the Ladies;
Oh! Let the Stormy Winds Blow;
Jolly Good Luck to the Girl Who loves a Soldier;
The Army of Today's Alright;
There's a Good Time Coming for the Ladies;
What a Nut !;
It's a Fine Time for a Soldier;
Where are the Girls of the Old Brigade;
I'm a bit of a Blighty One;
Sidney's in Civvies again

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Following In Father's Footsteps

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