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Jen Latona - Rickety Stairs (CDR68)

Jen Latona CD
Jen Latona orignally described her act as "Songs of Humour, accompanied by Piano and Concertina". Although born in England, she married American Frank Latona at an early age. Based in London, they also had property in Michigan and New York and toured extensively.
Track Listing:

Rickety Stairs
Maggie McLaren
Keep on swinging me Charlie
Why do You keep laughing at me?
Land of I dunno where
Rum Tum Tiddle
That Haunting Melody
I want to be in Dixie
Gee, I like Music with my Meals
Yiddisher Luck and Irisha Luck
Ragging the Baby to sleep
Your Daddy did the same thing 50 years ago
Hark it is the Thunderman
Everybody’s doing it at the Seaside
R-r-rip that Melody
I've been longing to meet You
E’d push ‘em along
When the Wedding Bells go Ding Dong

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Horn Gram
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