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Violet Loraine
The Only Girl in the World (CDR64)

Violet Loraine began her career at an early age in pantomime and then appeared in Music Hall and Variety. Her height of fame was during the Revue period around the First World War, and in 1916 she starred with George Robey in The Bing Boys are Here. The song If You were the Only Girl in the World became an instant hit and is still popular today.

A full CD of 23 Tracks from her earliest recordings to her revival in 1934.

Track Listing

Medley: (Oh by Jingo, Let the Great Big World keep on Turning,
We've been married just one year, Someday I'll make you love me,
The Gypsy warned Me)
Medley: (The Kipling Walk, First Love Last Love Best Love,
Dear Old Saturday Night, Japanese Sandman,
When we've wound the Watch up on the Rhine)
A Dollar Princess
All Clear out of the Park
No more Stopping out Late
The Harem Skirt
When Millie tied her Shoe up in The Strand
Come again through Lover's Lane
We've been married just One Year (With Ambrose Thorne - Edited)
Three Cheers for Little Belgium
Dear Old Saturday Night (with Chorus)
Another Little Drink wouldn't do us any harm
(with Alfred Lester and George Robey)
If You were the Only Girl in the World
(with George Robey)
The Kipling Walk
Let the Great Big World keep turning (with Chorus)
Some Day I'll make you love me (Edited)
Here comes Tootsie (with Chorus)
From here to Shanghai
You'd be surprised
Oh! The Woman in Room 13
Oh by Jingo, Oh by Gee
The Gypsy warned me
What a little Moonlight can do

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The Gypsy warned me

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