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Florrie Forde
Join in the Chorus (CDR5)

Florrie Forde had a gift for taking hold of an audience. With a repertoire of great songs with rousing choruses, she encouraged the audience to sing with her, establishing a fashion that continues to this day. Her most popular chorus songs are included in this CD. The CD contains 26 tracks, transferred from original 78 rpm records and phonograph cylinders which were made between 1903 - 1936.

Track Listing

Hold your hand out
naughty boy
A new wife now
The Bull and Bush*
What the curate saw
My wife won't let me
She didn't think she was doing any harm
My German Band
Up to one of your tricks again
She's a Lassie from Lancashire
study your Cookery Book
Man and Wife should always pull together
How'd you like to spoon with me?
Oh! Oh! Antonio
Polish up the handle on the door
Come into the Parlour
Is anybody looking for a Widow
Has anybody here seen Kelly?
I've got rings on my fingers
They're all single by the seaside
Play that again on the Gramophone
A long
long way to Tipperary
Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
Only a bird in a gilded cage
Daisy Bell
It pays to advertise
*This is her first ever recording of this song, an alternative later recording plus more songs by Florrie Forde are available on
CDR62 "The Crackling on the Pork" and
VAR18 "Forty Fousand Frushes"

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Horn Gram
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Hold your hand out naughty boy

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