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Dick Henderson
Pal of My Cradle Days - (CDR55)

Dick Henderson was the father of Dickie Henderson (of Television fame) Dick rose to fame in the 1920s with his Yorkshire patter, fine singing voice and trademark bowler hat. Popular in America as well as Britain, he made several early Vitaphone short films.

Track Listing

Had I but known;
A Lassie up in Lancashire;
Pal of My Cradle Days;
Good Night
She can make a Nice Cup of Tea;
I want a Pie with a Plum in
Rosie Posie's;
If I knew I'd find You
Since I found You;
Drifting and Dreaming;
Caring for You;
Hello Bluebird;
Jog Jog Jogging along;
My Inspiration is You;
In Old Vienna;
The ever open Door;
I'm smiling through my Tears;
Don't be so unkind Baby;
She's such a comfort to Me;
I wish I had died in my Cradle;
Will the Angels play their Harps for me;
The Crowning of the Cotton Queen.

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Horn Gram
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A Lassie up in Lancashire

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