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Frank Leo
We Are All Equal In The Sea - (CDR52)

Frank Leo was known for his many song compositions, particularly those for Wilkie Bard. His lyrics often take the form of story telling, and there are some amusing ones here. Performing here in his own right, the majority of his recordings were made between 1914 and 1915 and so some reflect optimism at the beginning of the Great War. Involved in a marital scandal, Frank Leo was as well known outside the halls as he was on stage.

Track Listing

We are all equal in the Sea
We are going to have a Nice Afternoon
You ought to see the Way we're coming along
All have this with me
It makes One think
Has Anyone been asking for me?
I had to leave
It's a Grand Sight to see them going away
Waiting for further Evidence
When the Camp Fire's brightly burning
Mister Cook
It was a sad, sad, day for me
When the Bugle calls
If you're doing that for me you can stop
One and a Penny a Day
I didn't want to cause any Trouble
I thought there was something the Matter
I wonder what He's going to do next
Are you walking out with Anybody
We are going to have a Nice Afternoon
Harry and Family at the Zoo

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If you're doing that for me you can stop

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