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Alfred Lester - The Scene Shifter's Lament - (CDR49)

Alfred Lester CD
Alfred Lester produced a number of popular sketches and monologues around the time of the Great War. Most popular of these was The Scene Shifter's Lament in which he suggests ways to enliven Hamlet. Also featured is The Conscientious Objector, the song Alfred Lester sang in the Revue Round The Map which contains the immortal lines "Send out my Brother, my Sister or my Mother, but for Gawd's sake don't send me"
Track Listing:
The Scene Shifter's Lament; Ours is a Nice House, Ours is; Hurrah for the Rolling Sea;
The Conscientious Objector; Germs; I do like to sing in the Bath; Gardening;
Dandelions and Daffodils; Why did I marry my Wife ; I love Me ; The Restaurant Episode *;
The Hairdresser *; Higgins the Quack (with Frank Leo); Longshoreman Bill *;
Crimes; Lily of the Valley; The Property Man; My Motter; Dear Old Shepherd's Bush;
Yes, We have no Bananas

* Assisted by Miss Buena Bent

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Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - Ours is a Nice House, Ours is

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