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Gus Elen
The Coster Comedian (CDR2)

Gus Elen is known as the greatest of the music hall coster comedians. The word "coster" comes from "costermonger" - a person who sells articles from a street barrow. Born in London in 1862, he started his musical career busking in the streets before his first appearance in the music hall as part of a minstrel duo. He became more widely known when he decided to introduce to his act a number of cockney songs in the style of Albert Chevalier. From this time in 1891, he concentrated on characterisations of cockney life, his performances on stage accurately capturing the accent and dress of this part of the London scene.

Track Listing

Down the Road
Wait till the work comes round
The new pyjama hat
The Publican
Pretty little villa down at Barking
Nature's made a big mistake
The Coster's Pony
I'm going to settle down
Dick Whittington
It's a great big shame
'arf a pint o' ale
'E dunno where 'E are
The Coster's Muvver
The Golden Dustman
The Postman's 'oliday
Mrs Carter
If it wasn't for the houses in between

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Horn Gram
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If it wasn't for the houses in between

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