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Down came
the Blind

Harry Champion
Down came the Blind (CDR27)

Harry Champion, that famous cockney comedian, delights us with more of his songs. His final (and complete) version of Any Old Iron starts the proceedings. His topics include many tales about trousers - darning them, losing them, and keeping your wife out of the pockets. Difficulties with a coconut also feature.

To complete the entertainment, Harry visits a marriage agency in Any Old Thing will do whilst in My Wife's Sister's Pussy Cat the cat rapidly loses his nine lives. Great delivery at breakneck speed.

Track Listing

Any Old Iron? (Full 1940 version)
Father looked Funny
I see you've got your old Brown Hat on
Mr Knick Knock
Down came the Blind
Robin Redbreast
A natty little patch behind
The Old High Hat that I was married in
I was holding my Coconut
I shan't mend your waistcoat any more
Timothy let's have a look
White and Blue
Brown, Brown, sit down
Keep your hands in your trousers pockets
Nan, Nan, Nan
The Girl with the Golden Hair
How are you Mother?
It's cold without your trousers
Aunt Tilly
Beaver (Here comes old Beaver)
Have you paid the rent?
In my old white spats
I want meat
Out went the Gas
My Wife's Sister's Pussy Cat
Any Old thing will do

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Horn Gram
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I was holding my Coconut

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