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Ernie Mayne - Fried Fruit Fritters (CDR25)

Ernie Mayne CD
Ernie Mayne was a giant of the Music Hall - 20 stone in weight to be exact. His style was similarly loud and exuberant. Under the tag "The Simple One", Ernie's down-to-earth songs are of simple pleasures, mainly connected with food and drink. The song "What d'ye think of that" was later used as the basis for Lonnie Donegan's famous skiffle number "My Old Man's a Dustman".

Ernie Mayne was the first Music Hall Artist to broadcast on the Radio when he performed "Wireless on the Brain" on 11 October 1922

Ernie Mayne's most famous song "You can't get many pimples, on a pound of pickled pork" leads this 25 track CD.

Track Listing:
You can't get many pimples, on a pound of pickled pork, Goosey Goosey Gander, Ten little fingers, Tale of my husband's shirt, My meatless day, Lloyd George's Beer, Farmyard on the brain, Nobody loves a fat man, Let's go round and have a taster, Fried fruit fritters, We used to gather at the old Dun Cow, Thtop your thtuttering Thammy, Where do the flies go in the Wintertime?, Eggs and bacon, San-fari-ann, Tarzan of the apes, I like a'not water bottle in bed, The roast beef of old England, Hello! Old what's-a- name, What d'yer think of that?, Our little garden Sub-bub, Wireless on the brain, No, We don't keep fish, only kippers, A n'egg and some n'ham and a n'onion, I've never wronged an onion. - more track info . . .

Horn Gram
Listen to part of a sample track - You can't get many pimples, on a pound of pickled pork

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