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George Robey - The Prime Minister of Mirth (CDR17)

George Robey CD
George Robey created many comedy characters, including The Prehistoric Man, The Mayor of Mudcumdyke and The Pro’s Landlady which are all featured on this CD. When not dressed as one of these characters, George Robey often appeared in seedy clerical attire with a shabby flat bowler hat, cane and darkened eyebrows. Although George Robey was accused of being vulgar, he insisted that it was honest vulgarity and always maintained an air of pained and outraged dignity. The CD contains 21 Tracks, a mixture of songs and monologues by George Robey, being recorded between 1902 and 1934.
Track Listing:
The Prehistoric Man, Not that I wish to say anything, What are you looking at me for? The Mayor of Mudcomdyke, The Widow of Colonel de Tracey, The Lion Tamer, Archibald, Certainly Not!, The Pro's Landlady, We parted the best of friends, The Mormon's Song, The Editress, The Servant's Registry Office, Where's the Butler?, I shouldn't be a bit surprised, I mean to say, And very nice too, All for the best, I haven't the faintest idea, Conclusions, Such a Look, The first time I've ever done that - more track info . . .

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Listen to part of a sample track - We parted the best of Friends

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