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Leon Cortez
Knees Up Mother Brown - (VAR75)

Leon Cortez with his Coster Pals appeared on Radio and performed in Variety in the late 1930s. These perfomances leant heavily on the Coster style and this is reflected in his choice of songs based on East London favourites.

Track Listing

Knees Up, Mother Brown
Intro: Let's have a jolly good time;Knees up Mother Brown;
Auld Land Syne
Gus Elen Medley
Intro: It's a Great Big Shame; A Nice Quiet Day; Down the Road; Away went Polly
Gus Elen Medley No.2
Intro: If it wasn't for the Houses in Between;
Never Introduce your Donah to a Pal; 'Alf a Pint of Ale
Marie Lloyd Medley
Intro: A little of What You Fancy;
Don't Dilly Dally on the Way; Oh! Mister Porter
Coster Medley
Intro: It's a sin to tell a lie; Sweetheart,
Let's grow old together; My Old Dutch
Round the 'ouses: Part 1
Intro: One of the Ruins that Cromwell knocked about a bit;
If you were the only girl in the world; Are we downhearted
Round the 'ouses: Part 2
Intro: Memories; Daisy Bell; Pack up your Troubles
Old Soldier's Medley: Part 1
Intro: Left Left; Here's to the Good Old Beer; Rolling Home;
If you want to find the Sergeant; I want to go Home;
Old Soldiers never die
Old Soldier's Medley: Part 2
Intro: Form Platoon; What did You join the Army for?;
Breaking out of Barracks;
Leap Frog; We're here because we're here
Coronation Medley
Intro: Coronation Day; Brooklyn Cakewalk
Lambeth Walk Party: Part 1
Intro: The Lambeth Walk; Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road;
They built Piccadilly for me; Knees Up Mother Brown
Lambeth Walk Party: Part 2
Intro: Let's All go down the Strand; Down at the Old Bull and Bush;
The Lambeth Walk; Knees Up Mother Brown
Beer Barrel Polka
Camp Fire Knees Up: Part 1
Intro: How Ashamed I was; If you want to find the Sergeant;
They were only playing Leapfrog
Camp Fire Knees Up: Part 2
Intro: Daughter of Mademoiselle from Armentieres;
Mademoiselle from Armentieres;
The Siegfried Line; Old Soldiers Never Die
Party Favourites: Part 1
Intro: Beer Beer Glorious Beer; Our Lodger's such a nice young Man
Party Favourites: Part 2
Intro: In the shade of the Old Apple Tree;
Daddy wouldn't buy me a Bow-Wow; Just like the Ivy
Posh Medley
I'm sending you the Siegfried line
The Organ Grinder grinds all Day
The Old White Hoss
Sing Hulla Daloo Belay
Summer Sweetheart
Good Night, My Darling, Good Night
When You come to the End of the Journey>
Good Luck until We meet again

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Knees Up Mother Brown

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