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Music Hall and Variety Songs to Download on MP3

Selected albums and tracks from our CDs are now available as MP3 downloads. This enables you to have instant access to our recordings.

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More Information on our MP3s

MP3 Format: An mp3 is an audio file which has been compressed to reduce its size. Where possible, we encode our MP3 files using variable bit rates for optimal audio quality and file sizes, aiming at an average of 192 kbit/s. Using a variable bit rate allows us to allocate a higher bit rate to the more complex sections of music files while using a smaller bit rate for the less complex sections. For vintage material this produces sound of a similar quality to our CDs in a compact file size. As with the originals, the recordings remain in mono sound.

To Buy from the Store: To buy mp3 tracks from the download store simply follow the instructions on the Welcome page. No registration is needed, you just select the tracks or albums you want, and make payment using credit/debit card via Paypal.

Note that a Broadband Internet connection is needed to obtain your downloads, a dial-up connection is not suitable.

Obtaining your Download: Once you have paid for your download, you will automatically be sent an email with instructions giving a link from which you can download your purchased file(s). Just save the file(s) in a convenient location on your computer. Links for the downloads remain active for 4 days from the date of the email or three downloads, whichever comes first.

If you have not received an email within a few minutes after making payment, always check your email spam box before querying your order

Mp3 Refund Policy: All mp3 sales are final, though we will provide you with a refund for sales of defective music products. Additionally, you have the right to cancel any music purchase that you make through this website for a refund within 14 working days of the day after the purchased music becomes available for you to download. Once you download any music that you purchase, you no longer have the right to cancel your purchase of that music, unless the music is defective.

If you feel that you may be eligible for a refund, please submit a refund request by clicking 'Enquiries' in the menu opposite.

Mp3 files: These are standard mp3 files, and will play on any mp3 player - either a player installed on your computer, or a portable player like an iPod. Alternatively you can use a CD burning program to produce an audio CD which you can play on a normal CD player. To enable our longest albums to fit onto a CD, you should remove the default 2 second track gap in your CD burning application; this sets zero gaps between the tracks. Note that for convenience, full Albums will be downloaded as a zip file; simply unzip the file to recover the individual mp3 tracks.

Albums and Cover Art: Albums are sold as a zip file which includes all the album tracks as well as the front Cover Art.

Copyright Information: All Windyridge music offered for sale on CD or by download is newly copyrighted material restored from UK public domain recordings. The buyer is entitled to make copies for personal use only, as with any other copyright recording. We can't stop you giving copies to other people, but just remember it is illegal to do it. Your agreement with us on the purchase of an mp3 is that it is for personal use only and not for further distribution.

This is a legal download service licensed under OLE-0015197 by MCPS and PRS from whom further information on copyright can be obtained.

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